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Now offering EMDR therapy

Monica Pease

Registered Social Worker
Mental Health Counsellor
Therapy Sessions
Individual Counselling

One-to-one counselling sessions



Fibre Arts


Anxiety Management

Menopause Transition

Walk & Talk

Walking in nature is so good for the soul

Career Wellness

New directions

My Approach

One word: eclectic.

About me

Pronouns: she/her/hers

I have an affinity for the healing power of the outdoors and you'll often find me in a lawn chair knitting. I have a regular meditation practice, and I am a lifelong learner. 

A photo of Monica Pease MSW RSW

Getting Help

This is your chance to connect for support.


Self Esteem


Menopause Transition

Career Wellness

Mental Health Counselling in Guelph Ontario

Monica is a wonderful coach and helped me work through some very difficult issues. Her attitude is positive and contagious, while motivating you to ask difficult questions and come up with sometimes difficult and extremely effective solutions.


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